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   Diana was born on the east end of Long Island. Both her mother and father's families can be traced back to the original settlers here on the east end. She comes from a farming back ground, her family raised Long Island potatoes. Diana's love of flowers and the land has been a part of her since birth. Even now her studio is on the family farm in one of the barns. Diana's brothers, Tom and Ross, utilize the family farm as a nursery stock and tree farm for their full spectrum landscaping business, Long Pond Landscaping. Their many services include installation of Stone walls and Brickwork, Tree and Shrub plantings, Gardens, Lawns and irrigation systems.

   Diana set off to college after high school and attended 5 years of art school.Diana - Everlastings by Diana - Dried Floral Designs She received an Associates degree at Mohawk Valley Community College with a special art program at Munson William's Art Institute in Utica NY. Diana then transferred to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY to receive a BFA.

   At Pratt Diana studied Sculpture and ceramics. The study of form, space, texture and color has influenced her to develop her unique style. In the early 80's Diana took the leap into a business that combined her many talents. Some learned and some intuitive. Largely her success comes from having a passion for the medium in which she works in.

   Everlastings by Diana was born from this passion. Through the years her work has undergone many changes. Diana began by growing and drying many of the flowers that she used in the arrangements. Through the years her focus has been more on the detail and styles of her designs. Her personal and professional growth is now reflected in the highly stylized designs that she creates.

Diana at work   Many of these designs are influenced from the popular European designs that are abundant with tightly packed flowers in rows or tiers. She also has a country traditional style. Regardless of the style, Diana's work is easily recognizable. Some of the more popular designs are created from indigenous grasses. These grasses are very simple yet elegant.

   Besides creating these breathtaking arrangements, she also teaches her craft to others. She offers classes from her studio and local schools. She teaches children how to craft with the flowers, as well as other ingredients from nature. Diana also lectures on dried floral design to Garden Clubs and other organizations.

   Diana is a well respected member of the art community and was formerly the president of the South Fork Craftsmen's Guild. She also sat on the board of directors of the Water Mill Museum. Diana's work graces many prominent residences and establishments in the metropolitan area and its suburbs. Her work can be found and purchased at  the many art and craft shows that she participates in throughout the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area. Due to the elaborateness and fragility of the flowers and designs, Diana's work can not be shipped.
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